What are you working on until your Bronco Raptor arrives?

Antimatter Blue

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Feb 13, 2022
Los Angeles
I’ve been working on my skills in the desert. Been out to Joshua Tree or Mojave just about every weekend the past couple months.



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Feb 24, 2022
British Columbia, Canada
the B302 is such a good car. I miss mine. I had a PW (Performance White for the uninitiated ;-)) '12, bought it new, nicely modded...did 30k awesome miles in it before having to sell it to get in the GT350R...just didn't have the space / money / time / energy for two stands at the time. I don't regret going to the Shelby but do wish I still had my B302.
The SxS really interests me...wish I lived in an area where one could be used more extensively to justify owning one.
I feel ya fuhrius.. I too looked at the Shelby but just couldn't part with the boss.. it is such a fun car to drive.
As for the SxS, the wifey and I love it. We usually take it with us every time we go camping. Been having plenty of fun with it when it's not in the toy hauler too. Heck, just had it stuck real good in about 3ft of snow 3wks ago. Good times.
Sounds like you have a great trip planned, enjoy whatever comes your way, you've certainly packed for it. Cheers.

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