What color would you like to see offered in the Bronco Raptor?


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Mar 30, 2022
I personally do not love any of the current color options and can’t decide which to get. I think black looks great with the fender flairs and the mic top but black on an off road vehicle will be a disaster to keep clean. Curious what the hot pepper red will look like in person. Maybe velocity blue.

I would love to see the Ford Lead Foot Gray or a similar shade of gray. Surprised there is no gray option as it would also look great with the flairs and mic top.
I have the hot pepper red on order. I had ordered Rapid Red before it was discontinued. I know its an off-roader but a pearl white would be good. My wife's explorer ST is that color and looks great. My F-150 is black and only looks great right after it gets washed. Drive it for ten minutes and its dirty again. But it looks great for those 10 minutes. LOL
I think a really cool color-changing color would be great, depending on the light and the angle and where you are looking. I've seen some custom paint jobs like this and i love it,
I had a WT in Carbonized grey on order before I converted to a Braptor wished they would of kept that color. I ended up picking the Eruption Green
I went with black because then I can wrap it any color i want and it will look great. Also even if you don't wrap the black, definitely get a good ceramic coating on it, it helps immensely to keep it clean. I have two cars wrapped currently, and the jeep gets quite dirty off road, but i can wash it off with a garden hose because of the ceramic coating over the wrap.
I went with Code Orange since it is so different than anything I've ever had (gray/black). I only wish it was a metallic
I went with Code Orange since it is so different than anything I've ever had (gray/black). I only wish it was a metallic
I got Code Orange partially because it isn’t metallic. Hard for me to match or touch up
Porsche's Python Green, I like fun bright colors, being color blind green isn't normally a color I would consider but this Python I would definitely choose and it works well with black.


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One of the Ford dealers near me just got in a Battleship Grey Mach 1 Mustang. I think that would look good on the Bronco Raptor.