Whipple Bronco Raptor Intercooler Install!


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Jun 14, 2022
South Florida

We just installed the Whipple Megacooler on our 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor over at WBA Performance here in Wellington, FL. As expected, install was fairly straightforward, no issues whatsoever, and was finished up in less than 2 hours.Check out the video here!In all honesty, you could probably do this install without a lift or jacking the truck up, however, it does make it a bit easier.

For a short breakdown :
1. Remove the skid-plate (4 Bolts - 15mm socket).
2. Remove grey valence covering the tow hook bolts (22- Push pins and clips) .
3. Disconnect bumper harness on driver’s side near radiator support.
4. Remove the 6 bolts around the tow hooks and remove bumper assembly. (15mm socket)
5. Disconnect the harness and remove the shutter assembly. (4 Bolts - 10mm socket)
6. Disconnect the 3 Charge pipes attached to the stock Intercooler.
7. Remove the stock intercooler by the removing the mounts on each side of the frame rail (4 bolts - 15mm)
8. Compare how small and puny the poor stock intercooler is compared to the MEGACOOLER! (optional, but fun)
9. Take all the isolators/mounts and install onto the Megacooler’s isolator posts.
10. Remove the rear shutters from the stock intercooler and install onto the Megacooler with supplied hardware.
11. Carefully unclip the front shutters and Remove the shutter motor from the OE assembly and zip-tie it in the designated area on the new Whipple bracket.
12. Remove the motion sensor from the OE assembly and install onto the Whipple bracket.
13. Install Megacooler onto the BRaptor, making sure the isolators pop into their correct spots before tightening frame mounts.
14. Hook up charge piping and make sure the clamps are seated.
15. Install Whipple’s supplied bracket now assembled with shutter motor and motion-sensor into factory location. Don’t forget to plug in the harnesses!
16. Install front bumper assembly. Again, don’t forget to plug in the harness... (Torque to 81 ft. lbs)
17. Clip in the valence and install push-pins.
18. Install skid plate. (Torque to 121 in. lbs, or about 10.3 ft. lbs)
19. Go out for a test rip!

Grab yourself a Megacooler here!

Now of course, we will be taking the truck back to the dyno to test our gains from just the Whipple Calibration, but before that, we went ahead and did a drive review, along side 0-60 Testing, in-which it truly shined! The full video on that is currently being edited and should be out shortly!

Stay tuned for more info and our full drive review WITH 0-60 Testing!
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