10 things I HATE about my Bronco Raptor! - By TCcustoms


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Feb 24, 2022
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"10 things we HATE about the Bronco!!! Starting off with the first issue is the size of the backseat. There needs to be a lot more room than there is. 2nd is the Hardtop. It has become super loud on the interstate with the wind noise. The third thing is the Apple car play. We personally have seen a lot of issues with the apple carplay working, and then not working. The fourth thing is the engine. There isn't anything wrong with the engine, we just wish that Ford would come out with a Bronco Raptor R! The next thing is that there are not a lot of suspension options for the Bronco Raptor. Next is the seats in the Bronco Raptor. There is no option for air conditioned seats in any of the Bronco Raptors. The 7th issue is the actual price of the Bronco Raptor and how it holds its value. These trucks do not hold their value like the F-150 Raptors do. The 8th thing we hate is the Bronco Raptor skid plate. We are not fans of the silver design choice. Lastly are the windows. We wish that all the previous Broncos could have the window update that the 2023 has."

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Mar 27, 2022
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I was thinking about painting my front skid plate.
using this:
RAPTOR UP4879 1K Bedliner.
Would I need an adhesive for the pint to adhere to the aluminum plate?
Or is there another product someone would recommend?


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Dec 27, 2022
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This is a laundry list of stuff that, for me, seems like “hate” is designed to gin up clicks.

The skid plate is expected to get bashed, or designed to, anyway. It seems plausible that Ford might have chosen not to paint it to avoid folks coming back and complaining that the paint scratches too easily. Mine cost me $50 to have LineX’d when I did the bed of my pickup truck at the same time.

I think the AC in the seats is understandable. The heating elements are solid state and probably are encapsulated in a case. This means, they can get wet (you leave the roof off and it rains into your truck). AC seats require a blower motor, and i think it’s plausible that there’s not an easy way to ensure the AC seats function AND still ensure that the system will work if it gets soaked. I think for reference we should be able to look across the industry and ask “does any OEM make AC seats that can be exposed to the elements?” If none, that might be telling us there’s no way yet to offer that functionality in a vehicle that is expected to get soaked and still work as designed.

Carplay? Yeah, it’s occasionally flaky and you do a manual reboot. Most customers want the absolute latest tech in their vehicles but expect it to perform with the reliability of a light switch. Long gone are the days when Apple had software that “just worked.” My new iPhone has annoying glitches. That’s the reality of modern software. I’m not going to hate on Ford because their system occasionally hiccups. They don’t control the OS on our phones, nor the top end of CarPlay. They have the shitty job of owning the integration of software and hardware layer below the CarPlay software (which is really thin - nearly all of carplay is running on your phone and projecting to your headunit wirelessly - the screen in our vehicles is really more like a projector in a conference room - the smarts of carplay run on the phone.) Very few systems with a software stack supporting hundreds of car models, hundreds of phone variants, hundreds of thousands of 3rd party apps is going to work reliably 💯 of the time. This is the state of the art and, once you understand the complexity involved, it actually works pretty well. Move on, nothing to see here.

Again, clicks much? So “we hate about our Braptor” that Ford doesn’t offer a v8? Ok, noted. I am guessing that 1) it may come in the future 2) when it does people will moan about the price 3) there were likely several reasons we have engine we have (and maybe why the DR has a V8)

1) Ford has publicly said the EcoBoost in the raptor delivers the best torque across the powerband at the lowest weight penalty they could make. The Braptor is porky. It would be porkier still with a V8. That weight (and fuel consumption of the V8 moving more weight, and maybe even beefed suspension to handle that additional weight) would make the MPG even worse than it is? Who cares? Well, Ford still has to deal with CAFE rules, so this was a tradeoff they made. But what about the DR? Well, the DR proves you can stick a V8 into our engine bay, that’s all. The DR is de-contented and purpose built (admittedly it’s Baja-esque and not class-elegible for anything, it never was meant as more other than a rich dude’s plaything and a proof-of-concept) and the DR is not street legal (which means it’s exempt from the crash safety rules, emissions rules, etc.) that apply to road-legal Braptors. The V8 in the Raptor R took almost a decade to arrive (yes, Raptor’s started with a 6.2l v8 making about the same HP as our 3l EB engines). I would guess that if we see a Braptor v8, it would be later in the cycle, when Ford needs something to keep sales moving of the current generation before either announcing a next generation or a hybrid powertrain or both. I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t hate my Braptor because Ford didn’t offer a V8.

Legit on the lack of the 3rd party suspension options. Had this discussion the other day with JimmyTheFab, the moderator of r/FordRaptor on Reddit and the owner of Allied OffRoad, which makes some nice accessories for Raptor (i have his bumper mount for LP6s). The Braptor is so low volume that there’s really no aftermarket suspension options yet and it’s still unclear how many 3rd party companies will invest in Braptor-specific R&D. I don’t hate this either but it’s a legitimate frustration. I wish i had some options to upgrade the suspension. That said, there are excellent things developed already in market, including upgrading steering racks, portals, etc.

The window gripe is bizarre. The update is supposedly called “Global Windows” per my service writer, and is available to all Braptors via a software update from a Ford system called Oasis (no idea if I’ve spelled this correctly). I leanred about it from @raptor_roach on instagram and my dealer is doing the software update today while it’s in getting the rear-glass window leak fixed.

I get that “TeN THingS I HATE aBouT mY Br@ptor” is how youtuber’s get attention but this list is one legitimate observation, which is that aftermarket suspension support is close to zero. The rest of this is just empty calories. Like my grandma used to say on TV, “where’s the beef?”

Black skid plate


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