2022 Bronco Raptor Interior Carbon Fiber Pack


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Sep 16, 2021
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The 2022 Bronco Raptor Interior Carbon Fiber Pack includes Low Gloss Carbon Fiber Accents on the Grab Handles, Steering Wheel Bezel, and Gear Shifter Knob. This option is priced at $1,725.
That carbon package looks amazing, but for $1,725 and knowing that if I ran into the store with the doors off and someone could walk up, unscrew my roughly $300 each grab handles, and walk off I am going to have to pass on it. I guess security screws are always an option, but dang. HA
The standard "silver" looks pretty good as well and may potentially be more maintainable in a dirty environment. Carbon fiber always is cool, and if I wanted the most badass interior (and cost was no object), I'd go that direction. Instead, I'm going to try and balance practicality (vinyl/washout) with good looks (CO seatbelts!). So no carbon for me...
Even though function is what matters to me, the CF does look good but I'm sure I can find aftermarket bits that look nice as well for far less.