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Mar 8, 2022
Jacksonville, FL
A question for anyone who has actually sat in a raptor (are there any??). They talk about the extra bolstering in the seats to keep you in during high speed manuvering. Have any big guys tested them out? Are they comfortable? I had a ride in the BMW SUV and they had the sports seats with bolstering and it was rock hard and way too narrow for me. I'm just hoping Ford knows their audience and that we tend to be larger and want/need more padding.
My Porsche Cayenne has sport seats with heavy bolstering that appears to be more that the Raptor seats and very very firm. They are by far the most comfortable seats we have ever sat in, expecially on long trips like 3+ hours. And we both have sciatic lower back problems. The only negative in the Porsche is they are definitly more difficult to get out of since the seat cushion is like dropping into a hole. My solution has always been to just keep driving. :)
The seat cushion on the Raptor appears it will be much easier to exit.

A friend of ours traveled often accross the country and he always said his Gen1 Raptor seats were by far the most comfortable on day long trips. He previously tried Caddy's, Lincolns, Prevost motor coaches, etc.
I have sat in one a few times. I am not a very big person 5’7 190 lbs. I found the seats to be very supportive and comfortable. Felt the bolsters would help keep me in the seat very well.
Well I definitely fit this "Alpha Sasquatch" sizing and having sat in the Bronco Raptor in Tennessee I can remember being pleasantly surprised and happy about the seats fit you might say. Now I can't say my senses weren't on overload and I was taking in to much to get an honest opinion but from what I remember the seats were extremely nice.
I'm 6' and 1 Ironmike + 1 Ironmike lbs 😆
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