Broken in and off roading.


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Jul 1, 2023
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Well, it's been a trip. Picked it up, broke in the engine in four days and now on a trip which has a bit off off roading involved. While I was breaking in the engine I did a couple of logging roads, ran fairly fast but didn't run through the gears or brake hard. I did this towards the end of the break in. Today at Holly Oaks ORV in Michigan did a bit of rock crawling. This is me. The only shot I have a friend took a video and this is a screen shot from that. It is a small but fairly steep rock. Of course the Raptor took it like a pro. The Bronco Sport in the pic went up the right side of the rock on the easier slope. I must say she was a trooper and took it through some interesting trails. I look forward to some better pics in the future and a lot more off roading for sure. I picked it up Thursday the 17th and it is good getting my feet wet with this awesome machine. As well, booked the off rodeo for December 8th. I will be hitting all kinds of trials before that; however, that will perhaps be my first jump....we shall see.