Bronco Raptor Anti-Lag System came from the Ford GT Race Car


The Bronco Raptor's 3.0-liter EcoBoost V-6 features an anti-lag turbocharger system with tech pulled directly from the Ford GT race car. In order to better understand how this system works, Road & Track sat down with Bronco Raptor Powertrain and Chassis Engineering Manager Pat Morgan. An anti-lag system for turbocharged vehicles helps to reduce the amount of time it takes for the turbos to deliver boost. There are several different approaches out there as far as what these systems look like and how they function. That said, every anti-lag system requires some form of air bypass. The 3.0-liter’s anti-lag set-up utilizes a throttle bypass in particular, adopting the patented technology that Ford previously employed on its GT race cars. According to Morgan in an interview with R&T, this system works by cracking the electric throttle open when a driver’s foot isn’t on the pedal, allowing enough air through to keep the compressors spinning. With the turbos already moving at a high rate of speed, the time to boost is greatly reduced once you get back on the gas pedal. Unlike other systems that utilize spark and excess fuel to keep everything motivated, the Bronco Raptor’s injectors stay idled during the process. This provides benefits in terms of thermal management, which is always important for a vehicle destined for desert exploration. It also brings benefits for the longevity of the turbos, and the engine as a whole.

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That's really cool tech! By cracking the electric throttle open it's much easier on the turbo system and it shouldn't cause any reliability issues that come with excess fuel and detination in the exhaust manifold that most hardcore race car anti-lag systems use.

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