Bronco Raptor takes on John Bull at Bronco Bash 2022 - by Trail Militia

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Some pretty serious Rocks, Bronco Raptor appears to handle better that any of the others. The longer wheelbase of the 4 dr BR appeared to handle these better than the shorter 2 drs.
Impressive. This is the Big Bear Bronco Bash event by the way (not the other so-called "Bronco Bash" event). Organized by So Cal Broncos, and was held June 9-12. Not part of the media event in Palm Springs/Johnson Valley I think, hence no embargo in play. Not sure how they got a Raptor there, but it clearly handled everything the John Bull trail could throw at it. Every video I see like this makes me feel more confident in my decision to own this beast!
Always great to see these videos coming out for everyone to view. Agree with IronMike.. I'm 100% positive I made the right decision. Wheeling this machine is going to be a blast. Also cannot wait to hear what the reporters have to say on the 20th about driving/handling/wheeling impressions both on and off the road.
Keep building the hype FORD. Bronco Raptor is going to be an amazing machine with open air fun to boot.