Bronco Trail Sight Accessory Mount


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Sep 16, 2021
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The Trail Sight Accessory Mount or TSAM allows you to mount your accessories on the Trail Sights of your Ford Bronco. This gives the end-user the ability to watch an antenna to make sure no brush or branches knock the antenna and lose communication. This also keeps it far away from the radio in the vehicle to allow for little to no interference. It will also give a dynamic angle with a GoPro while you are offroad. Lights are also a possibility giving you another area to mount a pod to make sure you light up the night. This is a quick installation and easy-to-use product, only requiring 2 bolts to mount.

the contact point for branches on the limb riser seems like a poor spot for mounting a vertical antenna. but if you aren't likely to be taking your bronco on narrow trails with foliage, then it's not a bad spot (likely good for reception).
I bought this as a place to put my GoPro. TrailRax found a GoPro bracket that fits perfect on their trail sight mount. The GoPro bracket part is from GoPro rack mounting bracket