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Feb 21, 2022
My dealer said MSRP. I was getting my regular Bronco below MSRP but was offered the Raptor as a GT holder.


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Jul 17, 2022
Clifton, Texas
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I have a signed agreement for the badlands… regarding price etc. however, when I raised my hand and got selected for the Raptor, I don’t have anything from them except the MSRP build sheet. My MSRP jumped $18,000+/- switching the Raptor.


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Apr 6, 2022
South Texas
No mark up for me.

I had a wildtrak order and replied yes to the email that went out asking for the Raptor. I was denied but was later called by my delaer that Ford is allocating 2 raptors to his dealership. He asked if i wanted one (he knew i did) and i agreed if there was no mark up. He told me there would be no mark up. They are agreeing at only paying msrp because i am a reservation holder and wanted to take care of their customers.

I have a scheduled date of 08/29 now so fingers crossed.


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Apr 21, 2022
Washington, DC
Not a golden ticket holder but was able to get one of 4 allocated BR's at my local dealer. Paying a 30K DM and, in the contract, added language to not exceed 30k. I actually bought my current Bronco Outer Banks from the same dealer and was first on the list for the BR reservation. When I pushed back on the 30k DM, the sales manager indicated that if I was unwilling to pay the mark-up, that there was a line of other buyers willing to do so and I believe him. I can back out of the contract and get my 3k deposit back but not likely at this point. The dealer is offering me 12k over what I paid for my current bronco so I understand and don't blame them for the Dealer Markup.
3k deposit? WTF


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Jun 24, 2022
No deposit required by my dealer.
Well, guess I wanted to think I gave Ford 3,k reasons to have my VIN number sooner than those not required to throw down, but with how this launch has gone, think I’m actually glad I don’t have a vin yet, and particularly a low vin. As we’re finding out, low vin=>initial hope=>false hope=>unending frustration/disappointment


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Dec 5, 2021
I wanted to survey this group to see what you are hearing from your dealers. I am a Day 1 reservation and was lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket. My Raptor is built with expected delivery July 30th. My dealer has told me that there will be a $25k markup over sticker if I want to take delivery. They have several allocated but are treating my reservation the same as their retail allocation. Just curious what, if any, your dealer is looking for?
I am an order and am getting MRSP on all my orders (Braptor & f-450) but the special order I have for a family member is going to have markup.

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