Elevating for ease of Service


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Feb 24, 2022
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Our Bronco Raptors have plenty of ground clearance to work underneath without raising, however another 6 inches I find even better. I've been using these 4 Rhino Ramp Max Ramps for years to elevate my 4x4 vehicles inside my garage where I have a flat concrete surface. They are lightweight, stackable, reasonably priced, easy to use, non-skid, and I feel safe while under the vehicle.
Safety Note: Do Not use on uneven surfaces or in the dirt. The strength is dependant on the underside composite structural webbing making full contact with the flooring. If I needed to use outside on a uneven surface or the ground I would build my own ramps out of 2x12 treated lumber.
  1. Use Low range 4x4 and lock the axles if available. Park vehicle at least 4 feet further back than where you want to stop once fully elevated.
  2. Take extra time to align and seat all 4 ramps against tires to ensure all 4 tires rest in the same location on each ramp.
  3. Very slowly drive forward being very careful as you near the top where the tire ultimately rests in a very small cradle and to not go over the end of the ramps. Our 37" tires fit but will easily roll over the other end of the ramps if you don't hit the brakes at the top. SLOW is key, at the top if you need to hit the brakes too hard you will skid at least one ramp.
  4. Place in Neutral and make sure vehicle will rest in position, then place in Park and set emergency brake.
  5. Get out and check alignment with all tires, I've had to back down and retry until all 4 tires are perfectly aligned on the ramps.
My Bronco Raptor has been on these ramps for a majority of the winter. Disadvantage is I really like the looks lifted another 6".




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