Foutz upper control arms with RPG 3” lift

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Recalibrate done and ET phoned home 🤣
So it seems to enter “recalibrate mode”
It said press gas pedal 3 times in 10 sec
But make sure to press it all the way down and let it come all the way up

This will confirm it’s in “recalibrate mode” I’m guessing this mode is used for other things too ??
You will get a “ET” in bottom corner of the cluster


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@Turbo yzel - Thanks for creating this thread! Love what you've done with your truck.

I needed new UCA's on mine and, after seeing this thread, ordered them from Foutz . They have been really proactive in communicating and got the parts shipped very quickly. Color match for Fox Orange is dead on.

Billet UCA Fox Orange small.jpeg

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