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Jan 6, 2022
Gretna ne
When I fill up the Bronco, it only tells me that I'm gonna get about 295 miles on the tank that seems kind of low doesn't it?
20 gallons x 15MPG=300 miles. We will be lucky to hit 225 miles per tank if lead feet are involved. I have an F350 with 6.7L averages 13. Towing 40ft gooseneck snowmobile trailer at 8mpg was looking for fuel ant 180 miles. Only way I could get longer times between fill up was to drop a 60 gallon tank in place of factory tank. Tow a lot. But these Raptors will be at the pump a lot, doubt a larger tank is an option. Don’t have mine yet but math is math! ;)
I average 21 mpg in a SASQ BL four door. It’s EPA est is 17 I believe. Obviously there are several factors involved in what an individual gets especially speed/acceleration habits. I have never owned a new car that did not out perform its EPA rating. I will be surprised but not disappointed if the Bronco Raptor does do better than expected. Admittedly it will be challenging getting optimal mileage with Sport mode, Baja exhaust mode, paddle shifters, etc.
I have about 3200 miles on my Bronco Raptor. When I fill up it generally says I have about 245 miles too empty. Currently my best MPG is 14.6 on the highway and an average of 12.8. I generally fill up with about 15-25 miles left to empty and that equates to about 19 gallons. This comes to around 243 miles on 19 gallons then add another 15 miles to that and your looking at around 250 plus or minus miles per tank. I use an app on my phone called fuelly to keep track of all my fill ups, it is more accurate than the on board computer in the vehicle.

I did change my oil at 1,000 miles with Mobil One and I do put my vehicle in sport mode often. This will contribute to lower MPG's. I would recommend getting a good app for your smart phone to keep track of your MPG's as well. You will see there will be a difference compared to your vehicle computer.

I did take it easy for the first 1,500 miles but now I do enjoy getting on the throttle occasionally.
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I am averaging 15.5mpg, but I am only at about 1,700 miles and I have been fairly easy on it so far trying to break it in smooth. It tells me 305 to empty when I fill up. I think all it does when you fill it up is uses your average mpg to tell you how far until empty.
Maybe your expectations were too high? 295 is great for this vehicle.
When I fill up the Bronco, it only tells me that I'm gonna get about 295 miles on the tank that seems kind of low doesn't it?

This seems about right, I think mine was lower but can't remember for sure. 93 octane should yield higher mpg but may depend on driving habit's, terrain, temperature, etc.
3rd full-up yesterday, 290 miles until empty, ~520 miles, all on-road, all varied rpm's, and all relatively flat and straight terrain compared to anywhere near mountains.
honestly, I have no expectations so it's all good
I on the other hand EXPECT it be low! 😂 Always surprised when I get remotely close to 275! 😀
I took it easy on my last tank to see how I well I could do. The previous tank when I filled up said 305 to empty on this one it showed 328 to empty and I was averaging 17.2mpg. I do run 93 all the time and have never put 87 in it so that may help. I also run it now with the Whipple mega cooler and I have it set on map 2 from my JB4 tuner. It will scoot if I want it to, but I kind of wanted to mess with my adaptive cruise for a week and lane keep just to see how it worked. I don't know when lane keep kicks in because it doesn't seem to do much for me. HA. It does prove that you can beat 15mpg if you want to. It is not as fun, but it is possible.