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Oct 24, 2021
Western Maryland
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So where I live I am constantly fighting with non-stop windshield bug gut splatter! Which I have been up until recently on a step stool using Windex and cleaning my windshield regularly.

That has finally stopped when my brain kicked in and I finally purchased a longer handled squeegee for around $15 dollars like below in picture.

This is so much faster and easier to now clean my windshield and head out again. I can even carry it with me if I wanted.

I just thought I would pass something so simple on that helped me out that maybe it will help out others! 👍🏻

Screenshot_20230818-090819_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Great idea! Especially, since gas stations started ignoring the squeegee bins by the pumps in recent years. If you get lucky enough to find a bin with some water in it then the squeegee is usually in pretty rough shape and barely works.