The winner of the Ford Bronco Raptor "Top 5 Reasons" Giveaway is....


Congrats to @widnere12
for winning the first Bronco Raptor Forum giveaway! 🏆🥳 A Bronco Woody 20oz Tumbler and BroncoTrucker Hat are headed your way.

The top 5 reasons for his purchase is:

1). Because my first car was a 1965 Mustang and following the lineage of Owning a Bronco Raptor almost feels like the right thing to do.​
2). Because my favorite co-worker has always been a "Jeep Man" and I want to encourage off-road equality.​
3). Because it's a Raptor.... And who doesn't want to own a Raptor.​
4). Because I have been driving a Tundra for over 10 years and its time for a Bad-@ss upgrade now that the kids are growing up and my first grandson is on the way.​
5). Not to objectify her, but my gorgeous wife will look and feel even more freaking amazing in a Raptor..... whether she's in the driver's seat or the passenger's.... (Yeah, I'll share with her.. She deserves it more than I do).​

Thanks again to everyone that participated! We look forward to launching another giveaway next month.

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