Today is the day

With almost 2 months of scheduling happening today, how do you feel… show us all using only Gifs.

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I am saying it MIGHT. Ford should be announcing build dates today for June/July
Texted my dealer and he said they haven’t heard anything.

On a side note does anyone feel weird to keep typing “my dealer” says this and “my dealer” says that. I feeling I’m back in HS doing illegal things.
but BRaptor?
No Raptors over there yet, but I think that the 5/30, 6/6, and 6/13 build weeks were already scheduled for Raptors last week. The initial posts today are for the lower trims, so it appears Ford is "filling in" for those weeks. Once they start to get into the later build weeks (6/20 and beyond), we'll probably see more Raptors postings.

Regardless of the algorithm, scheduling is indeed happening...we'll see how it plays out for the rest of today and tomorrow.
Nothing has been scheduled past the 6/13 build week yet for ANY trim. (And those Raptors were already scheduled last week.) As soon as they start doing the 6/20 week and beyond, we'll see more Raptors in the mix. Patience, grasshopper!

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