2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Price Increases Yet Again!

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Since its launch, the high-performance Ford Bronco Raptor has garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike, not only in the U.S. – but also other parts of the world, including Mexico and the Middle East. However, like most in-demand vehicles these days, the Ford Bronco Raptor has also proven to be difficult to obtain, particularly since the rugged SUV is only available for existing order holders, or via dealer stock, where it’s routinely sold with massive markups attached to the MSRP. Unfortunately for the select few that can order one or purchase it at sticker price, that endeavor continues to get more expensive, too, as the price of the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor has risen once again.

After originally launching with a $68,500 MSRP sans destination and delivery charges, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor received an increase of $5,280, bringing its sticker price up to $73,780. However, back in February, that price jumped once again by $2,800, and another $2,000 in March. Now, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor has gotten even more expensive as the rugged off-roader is currently listed with a base price of $83,580 – not including destination charges.

That represents a significant $15,080 price increase for the Bronco Raptor since its launch, or around 22 percent. It’s also now more expensive than its closest competitor – the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 – which starts out at $82,495, minus destination charges.

Of course, the Bronco Raptor isn’t the only Blue Oval product to receive a price increase in recent years, as the Ford F-150 Lightning, in particular, has gotten significantly more expensive since its launch. Following multiple price jumps, the entry-level Pro version of the EV pickup has gone from just under $40k to a hair under $60k, while the rest of the lineup has also received its own round of price increases. In fact, one of the few FoMoCo products that has received a price cut in recent months is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, albeit following multiple rounds of increases prior to that.



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pretty interesting. Inflation accounts for some of it but they clearly either underestimated demand and / or played more of a seeding vs skimming strategy for early pricing. It's probably a little of both.


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pretty interesting. Inflation accounts for some of it but they clearly either underestimated demand and / or played more of a seeding vs skimming strategy for early pricing. It's probably a little of both.
I'm not surprised by the increases as I felt the initial pricing was intended for the long time Bronco reservation holders as an appreciation thank you for our patience. I was surprised during the launch video's from Jan 24, 2022 the base price was such an outstanding value compared to a loaded Badlands or Wrangler 392 but this aligned with Fords statement to the long time Bronco reservation holders. The initial plan was all Golden Ticket holders were to all receive 2022's, but since that didn't happen the price has been slowly increasing as they got closer to fulfilling all those orders. I think Ford has done a remarkable job at managing all the obstacles and constraints with this Bronco Brand launch during a pandemic with Global shutdowns. With this April 10th increase of 5k, seems now the Bronco Raptor MSRP is better aligned to the competition.

Copy below of initial email to the Bronco reservation holders who had been patiently waiting,
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I’m feeling better by the day with paying a 5,000 ADM. I feel like I got a bargain now😎.

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