What did you do to your Bronco Raptor today?

Agree they look great. These are not cheap - what's your opinion on value? Did you get a deal?
Since they are strictly a cosmetic change, the value would be dependent on how well you like the appearance. I like the balance of orange and black along with they are Ford OEM covers that are paint matched I think they are a good value. My wife however likes the OEM black plastic on her Badlands, but then she bought mine as a Christmas gift.
Wow that looks like fun !!! Raptor Style !
Got word that topliftpros is launching a 2.0 product in the next few days. Expecting to ship in early august. Price point will be 100 more than the existing product.

Is anyone considering buying? The late launch isn't very appealing for the summer season.
I know someone on here has had there wheel rings powder coated in Code orange. What was the cost to do it and have they held up? I want to get mine done, just to give the rims a little more pop.